Atrium Analysis Update: (Medium Term) 

Atrium Analysis Update: (Medium Term) 

Atrium Analysis Update: (Medium Term) 
Friday 25/06/2021
Price: 1972$ 🇺🇸
The behavior that the Atrium market has shown over the past 2 months shows a temporary medium-term excitement‼️
After the good growth of Bitcoin in November and December 2020 and crossing the 2017 ceiling in the range of 19,000$! 

Atrium, with a delay of about a month and a half, in late January 2021, was able to break it's historic ceiling in the range of 1450$ and enter a new channel and price level. 

And until the last day of April 2021, inside the highlighted ascending channel, he experienced regular movements and fluctuations for about 4 months.
But since the beginning of May, and in line with our signals about the transfer of Bitcoin savings to Atrium in an incredible way, Bitcoin stopped at 60k channel for 1 month and Atrium went from 2000$ channel to 4000$‼️  😎👍

 Which was also given a 4000$ save signal on the same channel 👌🎯 

Currently, half of the price outflow from the highlighted channel Atrium has happened after the fall of the channel to the bottom of the channel last month.
 If you maintain the 1600$🇺🇸 channel, you can be a buyer of Atrium Market.